• A global risk mitigation company wanted to gain insight into the needs of its customer base.  The client hired Tricone Research to design a multi-language quantitative research study to determine if their clients were being underserved in any areas. The research uncovered several opportunities to offer or expand on additional product offerings.


  • A U.S.-based manufacturer of fiberglass conduit sought to understand the level of familiarity with its brand and product among end users. The client and its ad agency contracted Tricone Research to design a quantitative research study to serve as a baseline to future marketing and communication efforts. As a result of the research, the company has launched a communications strategy based on the findings from this research initiative.


  • A global gas compression company and its brand strategy firm contracted Tricone Research to lead a qlobal research program to measure the level of brand awareness and brand perceptions among oil and gas professionals. The multi-language study uncovered key areas toward which communication strategies will be developed.


  • A drillng fluids additives company contracted Tricone Research to conduct go-to-market strategy research for a newly developed product. The research uncovered market and pricing opportunities.


  • Tricone Research designed a multi-methodology research initiative for a global concrete/cement supplier. The company wanted to determine areas of synergy and difference between its "house of brand" in order to align its communications as it transforms into a single master brand.


  • Tricone Research designed a customer experience dashboard for a U.S. based utility provider. This dashboard allows the client to monitor service levels across its B2B customer base and triage relationships with customers who did not have an ideal experience.