Segmenting your customer base is critical to scale and uncover new market opportunities

Not every customer has the same value and same needs.  Customer segmentation research can help identify your customer segments and map to targeted offerings, messaging, marketing channels, product strategies and overall customer lifetime value. Through our custom research and analysis, we will:
  • Conduct market segmentation to determine which segments may be "at risk" and to whom a more focused strategy may be necessary 

  • Identify high value customer segments that have high LTV potential

  • Find the most effective delivery and message distribution routes that result in the largest exposure to key market segments.

  • Determine the targeted messaging strategies that connect customers with the product or brand most effectively

  • Explore customer reaction to message strategies

  • Measure customer loyalty through Net Promoter analysis


"Tricone helps provide the market data insights necessary to fully develop our market entry strategies and product development plans.  The appropriate research methodologies consistently yields actionable data and sound recommendations. " 
Christopher L.
Global Marketing Director

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