A Fixed Model Approach Means

No Surprises

Our Insights and Metrics product is a single price model that eliminates unexpected fees and transaction costs that typically occur when conducting diverse research projects. We collaborate with our clients to agree upon the research and strategy objectives and devise the research program accordingly. Our approach allows us to offer research customization at a competitive price point. Here’s how it works:

Clients enroll for a research program at an annual fixed fee.

Tricone and the client develop a strategic plan and research program to tackle the most important projects one at a time across the upcoming year.

Tricone and the client monitor and adjust progress against the research program throughout the year and adapt for changes in priorities and research techniques.

Client receives custom research, insights, and metrics as deliverables as they are completed.





​​This program approach allows us to provide our clients with a core team of research experts and strategist, with the required skill set, based on the program’s unique needs. Our clients benefit from having a team of experts, tailored to their specific needs and dedicated to providing the insights that lead to the development of well-informed business strategies.