Tricone Research designs custom research programs that utilize focus groups, in-depth interviews, online surveys, telephone surveys, bulletin boards, and intercepts to gather customer feedback.

Brand Research

We help clients:

  • Understand what drives consumer preferences

  • Uncover the competitive differences that really matter

  • Calculate the equity in the brand

  • Define market areas of opportunity and vulnerability

Go-To-Market Research

We help clients:

  • Measure the degree of the problem that they new problem solves

  • Gauge initial reactions to new product concepts and offerings

  • Uncover the barriers and facilitators to product acceptance, across multiple segments

  • Optimize the product/concept configuration 

  • Understand what product validation looks like to the intended market(s)

  • Map the route to purchase 

  • Explore the messages that would increase the likelihood that customers will take action

Communications Research

We help clients:

  • Determine the message strategies that connect customers with the brand most effectively

  • Explore customer reaction to message strategies

  • Find the delivery and message distribution routes that result in the largest exposure to key market segments.

Customer Experience Research

We help clients:

  • Map and understand the customer experience, across all points of interaction, both physical and digital

  • Uncover areas of inconsistent and sub par customer experiences

  • Optimize the customer experience, across all points of interaction

Customer Satisfaction Research

We help clients:

  • Stay abreast on customer satisfaction across products, services, and customer service

  • Calculate the brand, product, and/or service attributes that have the highest impact on overall customer satisfaction

  • Measure customer loyalty through Net Promoter analysis

  • Conduct market segmentation to determine which segments may be "at risk" and to whom a more focused strategy may be necessary